Electronics Engineeringg


To establish as a sustainable centre of human and technology resource for Electrical and allied services of industry and society


  1. Educating students to stand firm on fundamental knowledge, high in technical skill and best in adaptability for employment, higher education or entrepreneurship
  2. Providing equal opportunities and hands on experience for students to become responsible, rational and competent technology professionals.
  3. Bringing up students to become aware of doing things in safe, ethical and sustainable ways to find solutions for industry and society.


Set up in 1980 as a department of Power electronics it was later converted to General Electronics. It has been equipped with the following labs:

1. Basic Electronics &Circuit lab: Equipped with testing and measuring instruments like CRO, power supplies and other digital meters, the lab provides the students the opportunity to work various electronic components and electronic instruments.

2. Industrial Electronic lab: This lab is equipped with demonstration trainer kits which are displayed to understand the fundamentals about Radio, TV, VCR etc students are allowed to utilize these facilities at their convenience and time. They are also trained to assemble different stages for Radio, TV and also in maintenance work, servicing etc.

3. Digital and Microprocessor lab: Logic trainer latest microprocessor kits have been provided for conducting the various experiments in the curriculum. Experiments are conducted on gates using LSI/VSLI/ICS and also with assembling language programming on microprocessors like 8085,8086 etc, for both electronics students and computer hardware students.

4. Electrical lab: Though the college does not have an Electrical Engineering Branch there is a well-equipped Electrical lab for use by the Mechanical, Electronics and Instrument Technology students. The Electrical Machine lab has facilities suited for an Electrical Engineering Department.