Mechanical Engineering


To be a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering for creating engineers capable of contributing to society through innovation, entrepreneurship & leadership.


  1. Equip the students with necessary technological & intellectual capacity to face the fast changing demands of modern technology.
  2. Develop the ideal working attitudes and values in students and thereby improving employability with commitment to the society.
  3. Maintain the quality of learning facility at par with that of industry

About Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering branch was started in 1980. The department has contributed to the production industry and various governmental and non-governmental organizations by training manpower. Various workshops and labs function under the department. The workshop section trains students from all the departments in basic trades. The machine section is used for training only mechanical students. CNC is provided for final year mechanical students. Mechanical Engineering laboratories: -

1. Hydraulics lab: - A well equipped hydraulic lab conducts experiments on flow measurements and hydraulic machines like francies turbine, Kaplan turbine, centrifugal pump testing, reciprocation pump testing etc.

2. Service and Maintenance lab: - Single cylinder and 4 cylinder engines have been provided to study about engine, gear box, clutch and other power transmission arrangements in automobiles. A compressor is also available to study the working of compressors and its parts.

3. Heat Engine lab: - This is the master lab for mechanical students. It is equipped with single cylinder, diesel engine, twin cylinder two-stage air compressor, merbet boiler and refrigeration cycle with window type air conditioner.