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To Be A Centre Of Excellence In Engineering Education For Providing Valuable Resources To Industry And Society


  1. Providing Quality Education In Engineering And Technology

  2. Involving In The Development Of Society Through Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship And Industry Interaction

  3. To Inculcate Social Responsibility And Ethical Values Among Students Through Value Education

It is hereby informed about the constitution of following committees/cells for the administration and conduct of academic activities of our College for the academic year 2019-20

Govt. of Kerala and The Directorate of Technical Education, Kerala has taken keen interest toconstitute a Governing Body for each of the Polytechnic Colleges under them. GovernmentPolytechnic College, Palakkad has constituted a Board of Governors (BOG) comprising ofeminent academicians, expert industrialists, and industry professionals apart from the keypersons of the Department.


SerialNo Name Capacity Designation Remarks
1 Prof. P.B. Sunilkumar Chairman Director , Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad Also a member of College Advisory Board
2 M. Pradeep Member Deputy General Manager, HMT Kalamassery, Kochi. Industry Professional
3M. Chandrakumar Ex-officio member Principal, Government Polytechnic College, Palakkad Also a member of Advisory Board
4 P. Suresh Babu Faculty Member HOD Instrumentation Engineering Also a member of Advisory Board
5 Dr. P. Dileep Faculty Membe Lecturer in Electronics Engineering
6 Sasikumar K.N Dept. Of Tech. Edn. Representative Sr. Joint Director (PS), D T E, Kerala State Also a member of College Advisory Board
7 Rajan. N.D SITTTR Kerala Representative Joint Director in charge of SITTTR, Kerala Also a member of College Advisory Board
8 Beena. P DTE representative Regional Joint Director (Kozhikode Region) Also a member of College Advisory Board
9 Sunil Joseph Industrialist M D, SARK Cables Pvt. Ltd. Also a member of College Advisory Board

College Advisory Board (CAB)

College Advisory Board (CAB) is the apex body of the institution consisting of prominent internal and external stakeholders capable of directing the functioning of the college to attain the defined vision of the institution

Sl.No Name of the Advisor Capacity Designation
1 M. Chandrakumar Principal Principal, GPC, Palakkad
2 Prof. P.B.Sunil Kumar Eminent Academician Director, IIT, Palakkad
3 K.N. Sasikumar Departmental Sr. Joint Director(PS)
4 N.D. Rajan Departmental Joint Director-SITTTR
5 Prof. Reghu Raj.P.C Higher Education Institution Principal, GEC, Palakkad
6 Sunil Joseph Industrialist M.D, SARK Cables Ltd., Palakkad
7 Shabir Koodathil Industry Expert Director, Steel Max Pvt. Ltd., Palakkad
8 K.S. Mani Industrialist M.D., Atlas Machine Tools Ltd
9 Gopalakrishnan Alumni Alumnus-1990 batch Electronics
10 Leeju Chirayath Alumni Alumnus- 1998 batch -Mech
11 Janardanan.K Alumni President, Alumni Associaltion
12 Dinachandran. C Principal Polytechnic College Principal IPT & GPC, Shoranur
13 Fr. Jose Kannampuzha Other Polytechnic College Director, St.Mary’s Polytechnic College, Valliyode, Palakkad
14 Shailaja. C People’s representative Local Administration President, Kodumbu Panchayath
15 Balan.T.T Parent Vice President, PTA
16 C.K. Haridas Professional Body Governing body member, IETE
17 Kannayan Govt. Dept. Industry Expert Sr.Factory Inspector, Factories and Boilers Dept.
18 M. Sankaran Principal Polytechnic College Former Prinicipal, GPC Palakkad
19 Rajmohan Govt. Dept. Industrial expert GM, DIC, Palakkad
20 Sunitha.M Govt. Dept. Employment officer District Employment Officer
21 Praveenkumar.A.V Faculty member HOD, Mechanical
22 Sajan. E.V Faculty member HOD, Computer
23 Sureshbabu.P Faculty member HOD, Instrumentation
24 Bindhu.C.K Faculty member HOD, Electronics

College Academic Council (CAC)

College Academic Council consists of the Principal, Heads of all the Departments, College union chairman (Special Invitee), PTA Vice-president (Special Invitee), Student’s union Advisor, NSS programme officer, NCC officer, Physical Education Instructor, Co-ordinating staff in charges of all other committees

1 Sajan E V Convener, HOD in Computer Hardware Engg.
2 Praveenkumar A V HOD in Mech. Engg.
3 Jayalakshmi C T HOD in Civil Engg.
4 Bindhu C K HOD in Electronics Engg
5 Suresh Babu P HOD in Instrumentation Engg.
6 Alias.K.V HOD in EEE
7 Sadeeshkumar K G Workshop Supdt.
8 Suja S A P. in English
9 Pradeep. M Senior Supdt, Office
10 Aneef. A NCC –ANO
11 Bijumol..K.T NSS-PO
12 Alias. K.V Union Advisor
13 Pradeep. M Lecturer Mechanical Engg: Co-ordinator, IEDC
14 Shihabudheen.M Lecturer Mechanical Engg: Co-ordinator, Visiting aculty Programme
15 Pratheep.T.G Lecturer in Instr. Engg: Co-ordinator, Scholar support Programme
16 Manila.M.V Lecturer in CHE, Women Development Cell
17 Chandran.V Instructor in charge of Physical Education
18 Sureshkumar.B Lecturer in Electronics Engg:, Arts advisor, Union
19 Josely Joseph Librarian
20 Muraleedharan.K Lecturer in CHE, Co-ordinator, Career guidance Cell
21 Balan.T.T P.T.A
22 Niyas Students Union Chairman
23 Haritha LVC
23 Chandrakumar. M Principal

Anti-Ragging Committee

As per the directions of the AICTE to prevent the act of Ragging in the campus serious efforts have been made. The College has constituted an Anti-Ragging Committee as per AICTE guidelines. The details of the committee members are given below.

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation & Department Status
2 SUB-INSPECTOR OF POLICE Sub-Inspector Town South Police Station, Palakkad Police Dept
3 PRAVEEN KUMAR A V HOD Mechanical Engg: Convener
4 BINDHU.C.K HOD Electronics Engg: Member
5 DHANRAJ.R Member Kodumbu Grama Panchayath Kodumbu, Palakkad Member
6 ALIAS.K.V Lr, EEE Member
7 MANOHARI.C.B Lr. EL Member
8 NIYAS.A.M Senior Student Member
9 VISHNU.N First Year Student Member
10 BALAN.T.T Parent Member
11 SARJA.K.K Instructor Member
12 Member
13 VIJITHA PREMSUNDAR Professional Counselor, Thankam Hospital Member
14 BABU.N Office Staff Member
15 RAJESH.R Jr. Supdt. Office Member

The committee will consider any type of complaints coming under the purview of ragging. The committee will initiate a prima-facie enquiry by hearing the case and will further recommend any action regarding the same. Legal and emotional essence of the problem is addressed by the committee in consultation with the expert members of the committee.


The college has obtained written undertaking by an affidavit about the consequences any action which falls under the definition of ragging, from the students and parents at the time of admission itself. Anti-ragging helpline telephone numbers are displayed in the campus. Also the college has put-up several anti-ragging posters and notices. To monitor and ensure that no such incidence has been taking place, we have constituted an anti-ragging squad, which will conduct surprise inspection to the Hostels, first-year classes and other places in the campus. A team consisting of senior members of staff of the college constitutes such a squad.

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation & Department Status
1 SURESHBABU.P HOD, Instrument Engg: Convener
2 PRAVEENKUMAR.A.V HOD, Mechanical Engg: Member
3 SADEESHKUMAR.K.G Workshop Superintendant Member
4 ANEEF.A Demonstrator, N C C Officer Member
5 VINODKUMAR.A Workshop Instr Member
6 SHIBURAJ.B.R Demonstrator Member
7 SUJA S Asst, Professor Member
8 BIJUMOL.K.T Demonstrator, NSS Programme Officer Member

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) / Sexual Harassment Committee

The College has an Internal Committee to look in to any complaints raised by the women and girl students of the college about any type of harassment regarding sexual and emotional offences. The committee conducts prima-facie enquiry in to the issue and move to legal formalities as per the nature of offences. Action will be recommended by the committee in case the issue handled is within the scope of action by them. The status of complaint redressal proceedings will be issued to the complainant.

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation & Department
1 M Chandrakumar Principal
2 Jayalakshmi.C.T HOD, Civil Engg:
3 Bindhu C K HOD, Electronics Engg:
4 Praveenkumar A V HOD, Mechanical Engg:
5 K S Thahira Lr. Comp. Engg:
6 Sandra Mohan.P Lr. Civil Engg
7 Pradeep M Sr. Supdt,Office

Committee for SC & ST

Our social structure has not been so developed that there should be a reliable system to monitor any discrimination in the name of caste and color. The college has a committee to monitor and intervene into such issues if raised by any members of student or staff community. The Committee will consider the issue and prima-facie enquiry will be conducted. Depending on the severity assessed by the committee, the action will be initiated either internally or by higher authorization concerned. The committee is chaired by the Principal.

Sl.No Name and Designation of faculty Status
1 M Chandrakumar, Principa Chairman
2 Ravindran K, Lr. Electronics Engg: Co-Ordinator
3 Sadeeshkumar K G, Work shop Supdt Member
4 Manila M V, Lr. Computer Hardware Engg: Member
5 Sureshkumar B, Lr. Electronics Engg: Member
6 Suja S, Asst. Professor in English Member

Grievance Cell

The Grievance committee is an internal mechanism comprising of senior faculty, staff members of the college, which handle grievance of students and staff members. Students can approach the committee with written communication. The system has been made on-line as per AICTE directives and receives and responds to grievances

Sl.No Name & Designation Contact Nos.
1 Sajan E V, HOD CHE 9447806445
2 Praveen Kumar A V, HOD ME 9447835223
3 Manila M V. Lr, CHE 9447454041
4 Suja S, Asst.Prof. English 9744800965
5 Vijai T V, Lr. EEE 9447960096
6 Pradeep M, Senior Supdt,Office 9447514329

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

In pursuance of the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality up gradation of the institution, the NBA itself proposes that every accredited institution should establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post accreditation quality sustenance measure. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC will become a part of an institution’s system and work towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance.


  • Ensure timely and efficient performance of academic and extra-curricular activities
  • Maintain quality of academic and research activities
  • Ensure an error free evaluation procedure
Sl.No Name of Faculty Status
1 Dr. K. M. Mohammed Sudheer Co-ordinator
2 Vijai. T .V , Lecturer, Electrical Engg: Member
3 Shihabudheen. M, Lecturer Mechanical Engg: Member
4 Nowshad.M, Lecturer Mechanical Engg: Member
5 Gowtham. D , Lecturer, Instrumentation Engg: Member
6 Pratheep.T.G Lecturer, Instrumentation Engg: Member
7 Akhilesh. K.K, Lr. Civil Engg Member
8 Manila M V, Lecturer in Computer Engg: Member
9 Sudevan.K, Lecturer in Computer Engg: Member
10 Sureshkumar.B, Lr., Electronics Engg Member
11 Johnwills N, Workshop Instructor, Mechanical Engg: Member
12 Rajesh.P, Workshop Instructor, Mechanical Engg: Member
13 Muhammed Farook.M, Instructor, Mechanical Engg: Member
14 Rahul.R, Instructor, Mechanical Engg: Member
15 Gireesan. A, Senior Clerk Member

The cell will convene at the beginning and end of every academic session and will review the activities based on the reports and documentations. It will also notify the essential and desirable requirements regarding the infrastructure and amenities of its stakeholders to the authorities responsible.

Examination Monitoring Cell

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation Duties & Responsibilities
1 Sureshkumar Lr in Electronics Engg: Centralized coordination, supervision, and conduct of internal examination, publication of exam notifications.
2 Sadeeshkumar. K.G W/shop Supdt
3 Sandra Mohan. P Lr. in CE

Media Cell

The College has a media cell which will look into the matters related to the contents of the publications of College like Students magazine, News-letters, Press releases, Web-site contents, Social media contents of official handle. The committee ensures the contents conform to the legal and ethical frame work of society and rules

Sl.No Name of Faculty Designation & Department
1 MANOHARI C B Lecturer, Electronics Engg:
2 SUDEVAN.K Lecturer, Computer Engg:
3 RAJESH.P Workshop Instructor. Mechanical Engg:
4 DEEPAK.S.S Instructor, Civil Engg:

Women Development Cell

The Women Cell is functioning in the college with a view to empower the girl students of GPC Palakkad and to help them to tackle various tangled situations that may arise in their life and in the campus. The objective of the cell is to provide a platform to discuss and identify the difficulties that woman has to face in the social and personnel life. It helps the girl students to represent their requirements to the college authorities and to create a girl friendly atmosphere in the campus. The cell is constituted by the representatives of lady faculty and girl students from each department. The lady vice chairperson and lady representatives are also members of the committee. A senior lady faculty acts as the coordinator

Sl.No Name of Member Status
1 Jayalakshmi. C.T, HOD, Civil Engineering
2 Suja S, Asst. Professor., English Member
3 Sindhu Viswanath, Lecturer Electronics Engg: Member
4 Divya.M Lecturer in Civil Engg: Member
5 Bijumol K T, Demonstrator, Inst. Engg:, NSS PO Member
6 Sujatha, Instructor, Computer Hardware Engg Member
7 Lady Vice-chairperson Student Member

Parent Teacher Association

Our Institution has a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), functioning actively in this from the very beginning of the college. It is actively involving in the developmental activities and taking up welfare measures of the students of the college. PTA also offers constructive suggestions for the smooth functioning of the college.

PTA Executive Committee Members

Sl.No Name Status
1 Chandrakumar.M Principal PTA President
2 T.T.Balan PTA Vice President Parent
3 John Wills.N Trasurer, PTA
4 Rameshan.C.K Parent
5 Sujatha.S Parent
6 V.C.Sudhakaran Parent
7 Roy.A.K Parent
8 Jaison Hillarious Parent
9 Sheeja.P Parent
10 Sheeba.P.D Parent
11 Ratheesh.P.K Parent
12 Manoharan.V.V Parent
13 Gangadharan Parent
14 C.Narayanankutty Parent
15 Vinod.A.A Parent
16 Narayanan.S Parent
17 Jayalakshmi.C.T HOD Civil Engg:
18 Praveenkumar.A.V HOD Mechanical Engg:
19 Alias.K.V HOD EEE
20 Bindhu.C.K HOD Electronics Engg:
21 Sureshbabu.P HOD Instr. Engg:
22 Sajan.E.V HOD Comp.H/w Engg:
23 Aneef.A NCC ANO
24 Bijumol.K.T NSS Prog. Officer

Staff Training Programmes (STP)

Our College has deputed a senior faculty as the co-ordinator of Staff training.

No Name of STP co-ordinator
1 Dr. Dileep P, Lr. in Electronics Engineering

Industry-Institute Interaction Cell (3IC)

IIIC takes initiatives for the industrial visits, talk show by industrialists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs etc. In most of the public functions, IIIC ensures industry participation. IIIC arranges evaluators for the technical expo and project competitions.

Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC)

Keeping in view of the current paradigm shift towards the innovation culture among the educated youth, the Govt. Of Kerala has initiated Kerala State Start-up Mission and its professional college chapters named IEDC. The IEDC started functioning in the college since year 2017.

No Name of IIIC and IEDC Co-ordinator
1 Pradeep.M, Lr. in Mechanical Engineering

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