Civil Engineering


To be a lead provider of quality and affordable technical education to produce highly competent and productive entrepreneur in Civil Engineering


  1. To provide excellence in technical education in Civil Engineering
  2. To provide industry-driven curricular programmes
  3. To develop effective communication skills in the students
  4. To impart quality and value based education to raise satisfaction of all stakeholders

About Civil Engineering
The branch established in 1986, the Civil Engineering department is approved by AICTE. The following labs are provided in the department

1. Survey lab: - The lab is provided with chain survey items, campus, plane table, theodolite and tachometric surveys and leveling.

computers and laptops. They also get introduced to assembling and installation of networking components.

2.Material Testing lab: - Tension tests, compression test, share testing, bending test, harden test, impact test and attrition test facilities have been provided in this lab.

3.Soil Mechanical Test: - This lab is equipped to conduct specific gravity, voids ratio, bulking sand, sieve analysis of the kine and course aggregates.

4. Concrete lab:- The lab is equipped to conduct slump and compaction factor test, consistency test, initial and final setting line mix design test, specific gravity of cement etc.

5. Public Health lab: - Tests like the water hardness test, PH value of water and PH value of wastewater are conducted in this lab.

6.Civil Engineering Workshop: - This workshop is used to conduct various masonry experiments and all types of plumbing works. Survey camp for 10 days are conducted as per the curriculum.