Computer Hardware Engineering


To become a centre of excellence in the field of Computer Hardware and Networking and to produce skilled engineers in the field of Information Technology


  1. To motivate the students for taking up rewarding careers in the industry.
  2. To encourage the students to take up higher studies.
  3. To create ethically motivated individuals with social commitment.

ABOUT Computer Hardware Engineering
The branch of Computer Hardware Engineering was started in 1992 at GPTC Palakkad. The aim is to produce masterminds with successful careers, creative, analytically-minded and detail-oriented people who enjoy being part of a team. Because computer hardware engineers must relate with people from a variety of fields, good interpersonal skills are also important.

The following are the labs and facilities provided in the Department
It is a lab well equipped with all equipments and accessories for conducting Computer Hardware and Networking experiments. The students can train about the different hardware components, their working and their capabilities and capacities. Experiments are done on motherboards of processors based on 8086 to CORE-i5, Crimping tools, Cisco router 1941 and other peripherals. The students are also trained in assembling, servicing and maintenance of computers and laptops. They also get introduced to assembling and installation of networking components.

Software labs:
There are two software labs which are provided for the students to train themselves in software development. There are about 60 computers altogether which are state of the art. The students work on different programming languages like Python, C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, MySQL, etc.
Our students are also trained in Digital Computing Principles at the Digital Lab of Electronics.